#Tech4Good Chapters & Coaches

How local chapters and coaches are amplifying our efforts and ensuring impact on the field
Our Theory of Change

Step 1: Selection, Capacity Building of Fellows

Tech4Good Fellows are staff working in ngos across India. After a rigorous selection process - they are skilling begins with trainings in carefully curated courseware from our master trainers. Fellows can access up to USD 150K/year worth of free and discounted software during this phase.

Step 2: Coaching and Networking

Fellows are connected with Tech4Good Coaches to help them understand what is happening outside in the ever changing technology landscape, set goals for themselves and guide, motivate them to reach those goals. They connect with other Tech4Good Fellows and becoming part of the community.

Step 3: Amplify and help others with Local chapters

Fellows are encouraged to lead or support Local #Tech4Good Chapters with support from us. Chapters are hubs for technology capacity building of ngos in a region. In 2018 local chapters generated 125 Pledges (Eg: I will build a website for my organisation with online payment integration) from 110 participants from 90 NGOs in 5 cities. 2019 will mark the launch our weekly online training modules.

Step 4: Helpdesk for hand holding to impact

We understand that challenges happen not in trainings but on the field. Our Whatsapp based Helpdesk Platform powered by Fellows, Coaches, Trainers and our own staff provides last mile support that helps completion of Tech4Good pledges into Actions for their mission. (Eg: Website online with a fully functioning online payment integration). It is these actions that count as Impact for us.

Coaches play an important role by donating their time to work closely with the participants and fellows. ‚Äč